Since 1992, we have been at the forefront of elderly care in a safe and nurturing residential setting. 


Our Mission

Established in 1992, Pinehill Residential Care Facility in Mountain View, California has been providing over 20 years of experienced Alzheimer's, Dementia, respite, and hospice care in a trusting, secure, and beautiful Northern California environment.  Offering 24 hour RN and staff supervision, Pinehill provides all the amenities necessary for residents of all levels of care while offering the personalized attention and family-sized sense of stability that larger nursing homes may not.  Our compassionate and trained staff provides exceptional service, nutritious meals, daily exercise, and recreational activities that nurture a healthy sense of wellbeing and fulfillment that lends assurance to both seniors as well as to their families.  Each resident's program of care is carefully evaluated based on personal medical histories, and primary physicians and family members are consulted before any program is implemented.  Respect for the independence, personalities, and needs of all of our residents are of primary importance to all of us at Pinehill, and we invite you to join our committed community of dedicated care providers, family members, and friends.